Ice Proof Arctic at Winterwind 2022

April 19, 2022

Jun Chen presented Long-term high-efficient Graphene-based anti-/de-icing coating at the 14th Winterwind conference, this time in SkellefteƄ.

Abstract: Ice build-up is a ubiquitous phenomenon in nature, which can pose a serious catastrophic impact on a wide range of systems. Wind turbine blades work has been seriously affected. In this study, we developed a green hydrophobic graphene-based anti-/de-icing coating. To avoid the unfriendly environmental problems, we adapted the graphene water slurry to fill the poly(vinyl) alcohol-water solution and in situ polymerized the siloxane urea crosslinked polymer inside the coating. The graphene ensured high electric conductivity and great photo-thermal behavior, crosslinked polymer network provide enough strength and hydrophobic property. We successfully achieved high conductivity and hydrophobic in a composite coating at the same time, rather than a multi-layer structure. This sustainable composite coating shows excellent anti-/de-icing behavior with solar power and under 48V safety voltage in real weather conditions.