Ice Proof Arctic at Winterwind 2021

April 18, 2021

The presentation was given by Jun Chen, LuleƄ University of Technology.

Abstract: In order to keep the wind turbine running normally in the winter, there are many ways to remove ice from the blades. This work is developing a composite coating to achieve the purpose of de-icing. First, we will adapt suitable conductive additives (such as graphene, graphite, CNT or others) to fill the non-organic solvent polyurethane, which can not only obtain high conductive coating, but also avoid the influence of volatile substances in the coating on the environment. Resistance drops by 7 or 8 orders of magnitude through the best additive content. At the same time, the polyurethane is selected to make the coating tough and have excellent aging resistance. In addition, a protection coating which was designed by us will cover the conductive layer to avoid the risk of exposure of the conductive layer. It also has high thermal conductivity, wear resistance and aging resistance. Finally, the composite coating with control electronics and a monitoring system makes a completely de-icing system. This system can work well with under 110V. Our goal is lower energy cost and a higher efficiency de-icing.