Ice Proof Arctic at Winterwind 2020

January 28, 2020

Ice Proof Arctic will be presented at Winterwind 2020 in Åre Sweden on Tuesday the 4th of February.

The presentation will be given by Ville Kaikkonen, University of Oulu.

The Ice Proof Arctic - Innovations for ice and snow management –project aims to increase the number of actors involved in innovation activities in the Interreg North Program area by developing and validating solutions to reduce damages caused by ice and snow loads on various structures. The project aims for new innovations for reliable and cost effective risk management of snow and ice for critical infrastructure such as power grids, wind power production and large-scale buildings. The project includes the field test validations of multiple new innovations originating from both the commercial partners and the research units in the fields of cold climate wind power production, icing condition detection and measurement, power line ice load de-icing, and rooftop snow load monitoring and management systems. The project increases the cross-border co-operation between the companies and research institutes located in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland through cross-linked actions and public workshop events. This 3-year project started in October 2019 and is done in close collaboration with companies Rajakiiri Oy, Statnett FS, Global Boiler Works Oy, Dimense Oy, Koillis Mittaus Oy, Kjeller Vindteknikk AS, Wind Controller JV Oy, Nordic Cai Project Consulting AB and by four research groups from the University of Oulu, the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, the Luleå University of Technology and the Arctic University of Norway.

Very welcome!