Ice Proof Arctic End seminar
September 12, 2022

An end-seminar for the Ice Proof Arctic was held at Luleå University of Technology the 13th of September 2022. Participants from all academic partners where there physically. The seminar was also broadcasted using Zoom so that people could attend even if they did not have the possibility to travel to Luleå. Much of the equipment developed and used in the project were available on-site as well. The poster for the program can be seen here. The main presentations from the program are available belo..

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Ice Proof Arctic at Nordtrib 2022
June 13, 2022

Jun Chen presented An intrinsic, self-healing and recyclable material with super low ice adhesion force achieved by Poly-Silicon-urea at Nordtrib 2022 in Ålesund, Norway. Abstract: Excessive ice accretion leads to economic losses and acts as a potential hazard to humans and animals. Passive de-icing technologies have attracted more attention compared with active de-icing technologies, mainly due to the passive de-icing systems lower energy consumption and sustainability. Some reported materials ..

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Lapland UAS ice dropper design and testing
May 5, 2022

One of the Tasks of the IPA – project was to further develop technologies for Ice dropper concept. The last project winter 2022 showed capabilities needed for ice, snow and rime dropping from the test cable. The joint test site at Finnish Olos Fjäll provided excellent conditions for such events to occur and to be measured with various sensors also developed during the course of the project. The video shows, among other things, the operation of the dropper. For Further information, the specialist..

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Ice Proof Arctic at Winterwind 2022
April 19, 2022

Jun Chen presented Long-term high-efficient Graphene-based anti-/de-icing coating at the 14th Winterwind conference, this time in Skellefteå. Abstract: Ice build-up is a ubiquitous phenomenon in nature, which can pose a serious catastrophic impact on a wide range of systems. Wind turbine blades work has been seriously affected. In this study, we developed a green hydrophobic graphene-based anti-/de-icing coating. To avoid the unfriendly environmental problems, we adapted the graphene water slurr..

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Paper published in Small
March 21, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the research paper entitled Novel Intrinsic Self-Healing Poly-Silicone-Urea with Super-Low Ice Adhesion Strength has been published in the journal Small. The article is featured on the cover-page of the journal! The abstract reads: Accumulation of snow and ice often causes problems and even dangerous situations for both industry and the general population. Passive de-icing technologies, e.g., hydropho..

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Ice Proof Arctic webinars
September 20, 2021

The Ice Proof Arctic project will organize a series of webinars on ice and snow management solutions: Date | CEST | EEST | Webinar topic | 5th October | 9:30-10:30 | 10:30-11.30 | Overhead Powerline Ice Load Sensing and Ice Removal 12th October | 9:30-10:30 | 10:30-11.30 | Wind Power Ice Management Solutions 19th October | 9:30-10:30 | 10:30-11.30 | Rooftop Snow Load Monitoring Solutions The webinars will be held online, via Zoom. Register for FREE Register to the webinars latest a day before th..

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Ice Proof Arctic at Winterwind 2021
April 18, 2021

The presentation was given by Jun Chen, Luleå University of Technology. Abstract: In order to keep the wind turbine running normally in the winter, there are many ways to remove ice from the blades. This work is developing a composite coating to achieve the purpose of de-icing. First, we will adapt suitable conductive additives (such as graphene, graphite, CNT or others) to fill the non-organic solvent polyurethane, which can not only obtain high conductive coating, but also avoid the influence ..

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Service visit on Sammaltunturi station
February 27, 2021

A maintenance trip was made to the Sammaltunturi station in February 2021. The ice load-weighing instrument OLWI was removed for maintenance, the ICEMET-sensor was replaced with a new one due to tail wing heating issue and a heatable power line cable was installed as an icing test target. A timelapse video from the service visit found below. Your browser does not support the video tag. ..

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Proofing icing events on the Atmospheric icing test site Sammaltunturi, Muonio, Finland
October 31, 2020

A severe atmospheric icing event was recorded on Sammaltunturi station in the autumn 2020. The two photos from the measurement site show the situation first before the icing event on 31st October, and the second photo after an icing event on 1st November. The two graphs show the measurement results from the icing cloud from the ICEMET sensor. Icing cloud droplets measured by the ICEMET-sensor. On this image, the measured Liquid Water Content (LWC), [g/m3], is in blue color, which tells us how mu..

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Atmospheric icing test site installation on Sammaltunturi, Muonio, Finland
September 14, 2020

Ville Kaikkonen and Eero Molkoselkä travelled to Muonio, Finland on September 15th, 2020. The trip was made to install the measurement instrumentation from University of Oulu and a coating test rig installation from Luleå University of Technology. The equipment were set up on the Finnish meteorological institutes Pallas Atmosphere-Ecosystem Supersite cabin, located at top of the Sammaltunturi fell. We are expecting proofed icing events! Sammaltunturi cabin Assembling Networking on Sammaltunturi ..

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Ice Proof Arctic at I²MTC Conference
April 29, 2020

Harri Juttula and Eero Molkoselkä will be presenting their Ice Proof Arctic work at the I²MTC Conference in May. The Conference will be held online to paid attendees starting May 25th and ending June 25th. The links to these two articles will be available in the Materials page after the conference. Conference website:

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Ice proof Arctic article in Optical Review
April 29, 2020

An open access article was published about the atmospheric icing detection sensor ICEMET, which can be used to measure the present icing conditions for wind energy production and for other critical infrastructure such as high voltage transmission lines. The data produced by the sensor can be also used to improve the atmospheric icing forecasts. The online article can be accessed from the link below. Kaikkonen, V.A., Molkoselkä, E.O. & Mäkynen, A.J. A rotating holographic imager for stationar..

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Ice Proof Arctic at Winterwind 2020
January 28, 2020

Ice Proof Arctic will be presented at Winterwind 2020 in Åre Sweden on Tuesday the 4th of February. The presentation will be given by Ville Kaikkonen, University of Oulu. Abstract: The Ice Proof Arctic - Innovations for ice and snow management –project aims to increase the number of actors involved in innovation activities in the Interreg North Program area by developing and validating solutions to reduce damages caused by ice and snow loads on various structures. The project aims for new innova..

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